Physics Lesson

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred from one form to another or moved. Energy that is ‘wasted’, like the heat energy from an electric lamp, does not disappear. Instead, it is transferred into the surroundings and spreads out so much that it becomes very difficult to do anything useful with […]

Getting a Little Ahead of Ourselves, Are We?

With the Labor Day holiday behind us, the lower level of activity during the summer usually seen in Trenton City Hall over the summer seems to be over. City Council meets tomorrow to consider several routine measures of municipal administration as well as several new initiatives from Council members and the Administration.

Some are more worthy […]

Uphill Climb?

Well. That’s quite the crowd of candidates running for the Democratic nomination for Mercer County Freeholder! No fewer thanĀ  nine people are seeking to serve out the remainder of former Freeholder Anthony Verelli’s term, after he resigned to become an Assembly member representing the 15th District. That seat, in turn, became vacant when previous Assemblyman […]

Comments (Mostly) Delivered to Trenton City Council - August 2, 2018

NOTE: Below are remarks as written for last night’s Council meeting. I was cut off at the 10 Minute mark, which is noted below. I swear, when I ran through them they timed at 8 minutes. Oh, well.

The proposed Resolution failed in 2-5 vote. Sponsor Robin Vaughn and Santiago Rodriguez voted in favor.

— […]

Follow the Numbers... If You Can!

At my place of work, part of my job is to review, approve and sign every piece of business-related items. Estimates, contracts, purchase orders, expense reports, timecards, checks, etc., etc.

Most of the time it’s very straightforward. I see a bill for $1000. If we ordered the item and that’s the correct amount, great! All good. […]

Pulling a Fast One?

The current membership of Trenton’s City Council met for its final session last Thursday, June 21. The Agenda and Docket was pretty fat, chock full of last-minute items requiring action before new Council members and a new Mayor are sworn in this coming Sunday.

One item was not listed on the Agenda and Docket. It was […]

Another Day Older, and Deeper in Debt. PLUS, TWW Update!

NOTE: This is the piece I had planned to run yesterday, before I got sidetracked by fascinating and very relevant financial information (yes, that’s not a contradiction in terms!) about the Trenton Water Works. There is further info on that, below. But first:

Thursday, Trenton’s City Council is scheduled – at what will be the final […]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Debt Statement!

This week, Trenton’s City Council is scheduled – at what will be the final session of this Council and the Eric Jackson Administration – to deliberate the Second Reading of a number of Bond Ordinances which, if all are passed, will increase the long-term debt obligations of the Trenton Water Works by $18.7 Million Dollars, […]


Trenton’s people are strong, unfortunately because they are given so many occasions requiring strength in order to cope.

We’re in the national and international headlines this week, because of what happened at Art All Night early Sunday morning. One dead, a score injured. By gunfire, the 21st-Century’s equivalent of cholera, typhoid, smallpox, or plague in earlier […]

Trenton's Deal With Comcast is Up for Renegotiation. So Far, We Are Doing Nothing

Over the next several months, until September 2019, Trenton has a literal, once-in-a lifetime opportunity to renegotiate the underlying terms of its business relationship with the cable company that has been operating in the City for the last 25 years under a contract that was likely obsolete on the day it was signed.

So far, Trenton […]