Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?

Median Income per Household, in this City then: $37,219. It is now $34,412. That is a decline of $2,807 per household, or 8%.

THAT, Mr. Walker and Mr. Jackson, is an accomplishment that is truly “tangible, quantifiable, and impactful!”

You should be ashamed. Instead you boast to the press. You call this “tremendous progress this administration has made in partnership with our stakeholders to advance the city’s transformation.”

Are you […]

The Progression of Slow: Slow, Slower, Slowest, Jackson

The Kevin Shea article posted online in the Trenton Times Friday evening, and appearing in the Saturday print edition, has some pretty remarkable comments by Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson about revelations made public on Friday regarding the perilous staffing situation at the Trenton Water Works (TWW).  The City-owned utility serving Trenton and several Mercer County […]

Coming Up Empty

Although the Administration of Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson has long tried to ignore it, hoping (probably correctly) that by the time of next year’s city elections most voters would have forgotten it, the biggest scandal to rock the City in the last four years was the theft of over $4 Million Dollars of city funds […]

Clearing the Waters

In response to my piece yesterday, frequent reader W. Pyle wrote a comment that I think other readers may find useful when thinking about the most recent problems with Trenton’s water quality. Rapid increases in water flow and turbidity may have overwhelmed the ability of Trenton Water Works to cope. However, “the plant, which is […]

Water Issues

As emailed to City Hall this morning, 11-6-17:

Good Morning, Mr. Mayor –

Once again, for the second time in less than three months, I write with concern about the quality of Trenton’s Water Supply, and by extension the management of the Trenton Water Works. And once again, I must ask that your Administration […]


Above is a screenshot taken this morning of the results of an inquiry made of the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) database. It shows that, as of this morning, not one person has filed any documents with ELEC in connection with the upcoming May 2018 Trenton mayoral election.

Over […]

No Appointments Found

I just wanted to post a slight edit to the concluding paragraphs of yesterday’s post. Thanks:

— # —

Right now, in September, it’s not very likely that many Trenton voters are paying much attention to the upcoming city elections next May. There’s a lot going on right now on […]

No Charities Found

Thank Goodness the folks on Facebook are on the ball.

After publishing my piece two days ago commenting on the news that the tax-exempt status of Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson’s nonprofit charity “Moving Trenton Together” (MTT) had been revoked last Spring by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), readers rushed to set me straight on one major […]

Word Salad

I guess we know why it’s so difficult to get Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson to speak on record with the press. When he does, he doesn’t make sense. Either that, or he lies.

Case in point: On Wednesday of this week, the Trentonian published an article, based on information found and released by former Trenton resident […]

Time to Pay the Piper?

Back during the last Trenton city election in 2014, I introduced readers of this space to Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason. At that time, Ms. Mason had been a Hoboken Council member since 2007. She’d also run, unsuccessfully, for Mayor a few times.

I thought her story would be of interest to Trenton readers in […]