I Smell Smoke!

From the Sunday June 3 Trenton Mayoral Forum:

2:17:41 REED GUSCIORA:           “Paul, at the NAACP Forum, you called for ‘military-style’ policing. And I don’t know how you’re going to have a Sanctuary City with ‘military-style’ policing. And that’s documented. And don’t believe me. Don’t believe me. Read the transcripts, folks! But, this is the reason why we need to give drivers’ licenses, undocumented residents, and we need to tell Donald Trump – another inexperienced chief executive – we have to tell Donald Trump, ‘Hands off the Census.’ Count, we need to count everybody in to make sure we have federal aid, and to make sure our federal representation is kept up. So those undocumented residents are fully represented, not only in the State Legislature, but in the Congressional delegation.”

2:18:45 PAUL PEREZ: “So, here’s what I would say: Liar, Liar. Pants on fire.”

2:18:48 GUSCIORA: “Look it up. Look it up. Paul, look it up.”

2:18:55 PEREZ: “Because that’s not what  said. That is not what I said.”

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From the NAACP Candidates Forum, March 12, 2018:


0:06 PAUL PEREZ: “Full disclosure: As a military officer, I spent fifteen years as a criminal investigator. I was also a Homicide Detective. And I actually worked on these things. So one of the things we always talk about is that, in the City of Trenton there’s a high level of gun violence. There’s a high level of drug distribution. There’s also a high level of human trafficking. But, guess what? We don’t make guns in Trenton. We don’t bring all the drugs, [unintelligible]. The drugs that come here, they come from somewhere else. And what we really need to focus on, is a military-style, kill-the-supply-line. We need to figure out where that stuff is coming from. We have [Highway Routes] 1, 29, 206, 33, 31, where these guys shoot up and down, unabated. Nobody stops them. They can shoot somebody in South Trenton, and then West Trenton, in two seconds. Nobody stops them. We need to bring back traffic police. We need to have a real, physical police deterrent that says to people ‘I need to take a second thought about what I’m about to do. Because I might get caught.’ And right now, we don’t have that in Trenton.”

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