“We must hold our elected leaders to a higher standard and they must demonstrate they are worthy of the voters’ trust.” – Walker Worthy, as quoted in the Trenton Times, April 21, 2014

If we use the “higher standard” that he used against his then-rival, Eric Jackson, then we have no choice but to conclude that Mr. Worthy flunks his own test, and is not deserving of the public’s trust this Tuesday, May 8.

Here’s  piece of last-minute campaign literature produced by the Worthy Mayoral campaign. There’s nothing subtle about it.

worthy2 5-5-2018

worthy1 5-5-2018

One of Us? One of Us? One of Us? One of US?

Sorry for the repetition, but this flyer uses that phrase no fewer than four times, just in case the message wasn’t being communicated strongly enough.

Who exactly is US, Mr. Worthy?

Yankees fans? Libras? Left-handers? Cookies and Cream Ice Cream fans?

If it’s that last choice, then I am definitely with you, Mr. Worthy! You and I, we are US!!!

Somehow, I really don’t actually think that’s what you’re going for here.

In this last. long week of Trenton’s city elections, conventional wisdom (and word on the street says so, for what that’s worth) seems to be that the three leading candidates are Mr. Worthy, Paul Perez and Reed Gusciora.

So, other than Mr. Worthy, that would mean that the other two presumptive contenders are a Hispanic male, and a gay white male.

Hmm, so your use of “Us” might mean…?

Look, I won’t go there. I don’t think I have to.

The use of the phrase “one of us” in politics in this country has a long and ugly past. There’s not a chance in hell that a political operative or consultant worth their salt would not know about it, and its baggage. But the Worthy campaign is using it here, they are using it now.

Mr. Worthy, and his campaign team and consultants, must be worried enough about his prospects on Tuesday that they feel it’s time to play the race card. I think it’s pretty infuriating, and yet one more demonstration that Mr. Worthy has been this year’s candidate least hesitant and quickest to take the low road and fling mud when it suits his purposes. So, I ask the candidate,

Is this what all that donated campaign money is supposed to pay for?

Is this the kind of campaign that your  high-priced consultants planned out for you?

I sure as hell hope not, but that’s what I see with my own two eyes.

This approach may help him eke out some extra votes on Tuesday, perhaps enough to get him in to a runoff.

But to what end? It sure seems to me that playing the race card as obviously as this might earn him electoral success this week, and perhaps even in the runoff next month. Is that worth selling his integrity? Is that worth selling his soul?

Mr. Worthy, if you win the Mayor’s office using this kind of tactic, this kind of appeal, what happens on July 1?

You know, when you have to represent the rest of… us?

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