Oops, Walker Worthy

As emailed to Trenton’s City Clerk’s Office, 3/8/2018:

Good Afternoon –

Below is a screengrab of the list of qualified Candidates for Mayor as Released by your Office.

Walker Worthy is listed with the notation “Democrat for the People.”
I must point out that Trenton’s Municipal Elections are non-partisan. As such, any affiliation is prohibited by state law. The relevant statute is N.J.S.A. 40:45-5 and following, the “Uniform Nonpartisan Elections Law.” Section 40:45-10 reads, in its entirety, with the relevant language highlighted:
NJSA 40:45-10. Designation of candidate on ballot

Any candidate whose name is to be printed on the ballot may petition the municipal clerk to print, opposite his name on the ballot, such designation, in not more than six words, as requested by him in the petition, for the purpose of indicating either an official act or policy to which he is pledged or committed. The designation shall not indicate political party affiliation. On the filing of the petition the clerk shall cause the designation to be printed opposite the name of the candidate upon the ballot. If several candidates for the same office shall petition that their names be grouped together and that the one designation named by them shall be printed opposite their names, the clerk shall group their names in a bracket, and opposite the bracket shall print the designation. Petitions requesting a designation or grouping of candidates shall be filed with the clerk on or before the last day fixed for filing the petition for nomination. If two candidates or groups select the same designation, the clerk shall notify the candidate or group whose petition was last filed, and that candidate or group shall select a new designation.

L.1981, c. 379, s. 6, eff. Jan. 1, 1982.

I would appreciate it if you correct this entry for Mr. Worthy at your earliest convenience.
Thank you.

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