Dear Mayor Jackson


Good Afternoon, Mayor Jackson, Director Cherry, and Councilmember Chester –

I notice that the City has this afternoon posted a notice on its official website announcing the end of voluntary Water Conservation in the Trenton Water Works Service Area. Thank you.

I also notice that neither this notice nor recent earlier ones have provided any information about the services that I understand are being provided to the City and the Water Works by the Wade Trim firm,

It appears to be the case that personnel are working at TWW’s Filtration Plant, in at least a consulting capacity if not an actual managerial one. The company also appears be posting notices for open professional positions at the Water Works, such as:
Is this information correct?
I am not aware that City Council has granted a contract to this firm. Is this work being done on an Emergency Basis, either at the City’s initiative, or at the direction of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection?
Can you please provide an update on the operational and managerial status of the Water Works in the aftermath of the most recent incidents affecting the Utility and its customers throughout Mercer County?
Thank you.

Kevin Moriarty

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