Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?

“Mayor Jackson leads this government and is fully-engaged in its myriad processes. Under his tenure, the city has produced accomplishments that are tangible, quantifiable, sustainable, and impactful.” – Michael Huckabee Walker, as quoted in the Trentonian, January 23, 2018

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From the “Trenton City Profile Report (Page 6), published April 2014, prior to the beginning of the Eric Jackson Administration:

trenton 2014— # —

From “The 35 poorest towns in New Jersey, ranked,”, January 24, 2018 (Source for statistics: “The ranking was based on median household income data from U.S. Census Bureau”):

trenton 2018— # —

Median Income per Household, in this City then: $37,219. It is now $34,412. That is a decline of $2,807 per household, or  8%.

THAT, Mr. Walker and Mr. Jackson, is an accomplishment that is truly “tangible, quantifiable, and impactful!”

You should be ashamed. Instead you boast to the press. You call this “tremendous progress this administration has made in partnership with our stakeholders to advance the city’s transformation.”

Are you delusional?

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