Year-End ERA's and an Updated Note on City Council's 12/7 Meeting

First, an update to yesterday’s post. When discussing the rather odd comment from City Council President and West Ward Member Zachary Chester at the last regular meeting of Council on December 7, when he called out what I thought was an unknown member of the public for sending “misinformation” out on social media during the meeting – something that Mr. Chester would only know if he were reading social media during the meeting he was presiding over.

After I published my piece, downtown resident Scott Miller told me that he was in fact the person that Chester was addressing. Scott told me that he did post on Facebook the result of the Council vote on the first reading of the Woodrose/Torricelli/Golden Swan 10-year tax abatement which was approved by a 5-0 vote, with two absences.

This seems to have been confirmed at the very end of the meeting. At 1:11:25 of this linked audio file, the Councilman says,

“The information that was put out on social media about the Council voting to give Senator Torricelli the abatement: this is only first reading. Scott, it’s only first reading. That’s all. So if you would  correct that, it’s just first reading.”

So our Council President, like our city’s Public Information Officer, is taking to calling out individual citizens by name for actions or opinions he takes exception to, even during times he really should be paying attention to more important matters at hand.

Does anyone else other than me have a problem with that??

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It’s time again to look at updated player statistics, as we finish out the year of 2017 and prep for a new season starting in January.

The only change since the last time we did this – but it’s a biggie – is to charge the pending loss of operational and management control of the Trenton Water Works by the City of Trenton to an outside contractor. A hat-tip to Mastercard for allowing me to calculate the value of this latest Jackson Administration boondoggle.

era 12-19-17

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