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Right now, in September, it’s not very likely that many Trenton voters are paying much attention to the upcoming city elections next May. There’s a lot going on right now on the state and national level that demands attention on a daily basis. Man-made and natural disasters compete for eyeballs at such a rapid pace it’s hard to keep up. For instance, who’s even had a chance to think about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas over the last week, while Irma marched through the Caribbean archipelago and up the Florida peninsula? I can’t blame Trenton’s electorate for mostly ignoring local politics.

But now is the time that candidates for Mayor and Council – presumably including Eric Jackson – are planning their campaigns and reaching out to supporters for contributions and volunteer work. These are the people, both inside Trenton and elsewhere in New Jersey and surrounding areas, who are paying attention. They are opening their checkbooks, or deciding to whom they will open them, and weighing endorsements.

EDIT: Or they may wondering whether a political endorsement given by Eric Jackson is worth rewarding the man with an appointment to the possible incoming Democratic state administration in January, should Phil Murphy’s campaign prove successful in November.

They include the private citizens, and union locals, and Democratic Party organizations, and law firms, and contractors who gave money and time to Eric Jackson’s campaigns in 2010 and 2014. They include other public officeholders and local clergy who have made donations or who offered campaign endorsements

They may have even continued to donate money to Jackson since 2014; if so, we have no way of knowing, since Jackson hasn’t filed a single report since November 2014!

It’s all of these people in particular who I hope have been paying close attention over at least some of the last three years to the record that Eric Jackson has been writing as Trenton’s mayor.

It’s all of these people who I hope will realize that all of their donations, and effort, and endorsements, have gone to support a man who repeatedly fails to comply with – or even to show basic respect for – campaign law, business regulations, tax regulations, or municipal management.

To me it’s not about whether the man or those around him are criminally corrupt. I have no particular reason to believe he may be, but as I wrote the other day his multiple failures and silences and lies when he does speak have ruined whatever residual credibility he may have had left. We can no longer accept his assurances of personal integrity unless he provides us – after three years of failure to do so – written and audited proof of financial integrity with his charity and his campaign.

It’s all of these people who I hope will re-evaluate their support of this man, and conclude as I have, that Eric Jackson is not what Trenton needs for four more years,  

EDIT: nor is he what the State of New Jersey needs in its future.

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  • Paul McLemore


    Your information is helpful and needed for there to be an informed electorate. Keep up the good work. I would also suggest you offer your services to the City by running for office. I would be inclined to support you.